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ozdobne podkreślenie
  1. Regulations apply all people staying at the Dalia Apartment Houses.

  2. Fee for the stay is taken from the Guest on arrival (in advance) – at the latest one hour from arrival.

  3. There is exactly one parking space per house.

  4. Basis for Guests are required to show their ID or passport and sign a registration card.

  5. Hotel day lasts from 15:00 to 10:00

  6. From hour 10pm to 6am silent hours. The hotel may refuse to continue providing services to a person who violated this rule.

  7. Hotel guest is financially responsible for any damage or destruction of hotel equipment and technical devices arising from its fault or the fault of its visitors.

  8. Smoking inside the entire facility is strictly prohibited. In case of violation of this rule, guests will be charged a cost of refreshing the room: 700 PLN.

  9. It is forbidden to fry fish inside the house.

  10. Animals the property is allowed.

  11. The rooms are cleaned and disinfected after each departure of guests. The duties of persons leaving the facility include: washing dishes, preliminary cleaning of the room, taking out rubbish, taking sheets.

  12. In situations emergency, please call 509 789 803.

  13. The landlord is required to pay a refundable deposit of PLN 500.

  14. Room rent is tantamount to acceptance of the above regulations.